Thank You Letter from MCT to Scituate Residents
By Cynde and Wayne Robbins
March 11, 2006
Thank You for Protecting Your Land
Saturday, March 4th, was a great day for the movement to protect open space in Scituate. The residents of Scituate heard our call and responded loudly and clearly at Town Meeting by voting unanimously (twice as it turned out) to approve the purchase by the Town of the 40-acre Litchfield Property subject to a conservation restriction in favor of The Maxwell Conservation Trust.

For those of you who were able to attend Town Meeting on Saturday, thank you for coming and voting to protect 40 more acres of open space bringing the total protected to 220 acres. For those who were unable to attend, thank you for fostering the support and goodwill that were so clearly present in the room on Saturday. Thank you all for making your voices heard loudly and clearly, to let everyone know that you value open space and you are determined to protect it.

One voter told us that she had previously felt powerless when seeing more woods lost and new roads cut into areas where we used to walk our dogs and watch our kids play. After the vote, she said she was excited and felt just a little better about the prospects for the future of Scituate. We know what she meant and we hope you all feel that way.

In the long struggle to protect the Litchfield Property, it seemed at times that people on all sides of the issue became bogged down in the process and risked losing sight of the objective: to protect open space for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. One of the wonderful things about Saturday is that the objective came clearly back into focus: Saturday was about getting results and the shared resolve of the voters of the Town to achieve them.

The Maxwell Trust has a number of very exciting opportunities to protect open space currently in the planning stages. In order to make these plans reality, The Maxwell Trust will need your support. We ask you to work together with us to maintain the positive momentum from Saturday and realize the potential to protect more open space in Scituate. Please visit our website at for more info.

In closing, attending the Town Meeting on Saturday meant spending more than five hours inside on a beautiful March day to vote on issues of importance to our collective futures. On the next beautiful day, please take the time to go and see what we all just voted to buy – 40 more acres of a beautiful 450-acre parcel of wild land in our beloved town of Scituate. With your help, we will continue to grow and work to preserve other open spaces in Scituate.
With gratitude and thanks,

Cynde and Wayne Robbins
For the Directors and Executive Committee of The Maxwell Conservation Trust