Current CPC Application
We are presenting 2 parcels of land for acquisition in this proposal and would like the committee to consider them as one proposal.
Maxwell Land Trust History

Since 2002 when the Community Preservation Act was adopted by our town, there have been many different members on your committee. We thought it would be helpful to you all if we provided you with a brief history of the Maxwell Land Trust and the open space projects that we have brought to the Community Preservation Committee over the past 12 years.

The Maxwell Trust was formed in 1998 by Wayne and Cynde Robbins. It is a 501c3 with a Board of Directors and Executive Committee of advisors. Having been active members of the First Herring Brook Watershed Initiative and the North and South Rivers Watershed Association, they saw a need for open space preservation especially land that would protect our water supply. They saw that in congested areas like Scituate, the open space was disappearing quickly as the price of scarce pristine woodland rose dramatically every year making it more difficult to protect the resources that remain. This was a time is our state’s history when lots of land trusts were being formed. It was also around the same time when the Community Preservation Act was proposed and passed into law and the CPA coalition was formed.

The Trust supported and worked for adoption of CPA in Scituate since one of its main goals was to preserve open space. The Trust’s mission and vision was to work with landowners in town to develop workable plans to preserve open space and protect water resources for the future by bringing the landowners and the CPC together.

Shortly after forming the trust, we started developing relationships with landowners and educating them about the benefits of preservation for themselves and for the town. Many of these landowners owned land in the West End in the Bates Lane and Clapp Road area. This area had been farmland for most of Scituate’s history so it is logical that there were large tracts of land in this area still in private ownership.

Most long term residents and landowners that we talked with wanted their property to remain as open space but had no idea how to accomplish that dream. Nor did they know if it was financially feasible. So we planted preservation seeds, nurtured them and waited for them to grow. Some did and some didn’t but those that did are the projects that we have been able to facilitate and bring to CPC over the last 12 years. Maxwell Trust has facilitated 9 separate projects in 12 years totaling approximately 335 acres. A feat we were not at all sure was possible when we started given the rapidly rising land values. A Project Summary page is included in the write up.

We encourage you to visit our website as there are newsletters and maps there that detail all of the Maxwell Trust land preservation projects.

Maxwell Land Trust Completed Project Summary

Below is a summary of the projects that Maxwell Land Trust and CPC have supported and brought to Town Meetings over the past 12 years. We are so thankful to the citizens of Scituate who have always unanimously approved open space acquisitions at Town Meeting.


Cowings Cove





44 ac. (Town)
26.7 ac. (Maxwell)

23.6 ac. (town)
8.4 ac. FOS

(approx. 50% wetlands)
(Rivers Act/access issues)
Purchase Price

gifted to Maxwell

Approx. Per Acre Cost



Total acres facilitated by Maxwell for protection since 1998 = 325.7 acres

Total funds expended by CPC to purchase land in the Bates Lane-Clapp Road Conservation Area during the last 12 years: $4,848,165.

Financials on 3 projects that Maxwell did not facilitate:
10 acres
8.45 acres
7.75 acres
Purchase Price
Approx. Per Acre Cost
$15,000. per acre
$19,763. per acre
$15,483. per acre

Note: Bates Lane and Clapp Road Conservation Area
The town had approximately 95 acres under conservation in the Bates Lane area when Maxwell started. Maxwell projects added 314.7 acres and 3 other open space projects added another 26.2 acres. This means that approximately 436 acres are now preserved in the Bates Lane and Clapp Road Conservation area.

Revised 1-10-16

Maxwell Land Trust 2 Parcel Project Description

We are presenting 2 parcels of land for acquisition in this proposal and would like the committee to consider them as one proposal.

2 Moncy Parcels

Maxwell’s first project was with Charles and Margaret Moncy to preserve 5 parcels of open space in the Bates Lane area totaling 76 acres. This application was the very first open space project to be presented by Maxwell to the brand new Community Preservation Committee chaired by Sue Phippen, former Selectwoman.

The proposed purchase price was $1.3 million for 76 acres. CPC was very excited about the prospect of this acquisition but since it was the first year of their existence in town, they had not accumulated enough money to buy the entire 76 acres. They verbally proposed to Maxwell that the town buy 3 parcels totaling 44 acres for $760,585. or $17,247. per acre. They asked if Maxwell could possibly buy the remaining 2 parcels totaling 26.8 acres with the idea that Maxwell would sell the 2 parcels back to the town later.

The Maxwell Trust Board of Directors and the Executive Committee discussed this proposal at length. Maxwell Trust never wanted to actually own any land but they decided that it was such a worthwhile project that they would borrow funding to complete the purchase from the Moncys. That loan is still outstanding and thus the reason for this application for the town to purchase these 2 Moncy parcels is being submitted now. With most of the large developable parcels preserved now, we thought it an appropriate time to seek transfer of these properties to the town. We are asking that the town purchase the land from Maxwell Land Trust for $389,415.00 which is an average of $14,530. per acre and is below what has been paid for some of the other parcels that the town has purchased through CPC. This is the amount that was paid by Maxwell for these 2 Moncy parcels over a decade ago.

Maxwell Trust feels that we have completed our dream and vision of preservation in the Bates Lane Clapp Road area and that now is the time for the town to buy these parcels from us as was originally planned back in 2003. This land has yet to receive a formal conservation restriction status and thus could still be sold to anyone. We have included maps in our exhibits to help you locate these parcels. They are on the North side of Bates lane and are shown in the key.

The loan is still outstanding so we cannot simply give the land away. It must be sold. These 2 parcels complete the Bates Lane Conservation Area and we would prefer that they be under town ownership. We don’t know how long Maxwell Trust will exist and the founders of the trust are starting to minimize their activities. Part of the Trust’s long-term goal has always been to sell the assets and pay off the loan that made the very first CPC open space purchase possible.

These 2 Moncy parcels currently are part of the Bates Lane Conservation Area Trail system.

Exhibit Listing

The following exhibits are attached to this proposal:

Project Narrative

South Swamp Protection Through Land Conservation Map


    Moncy Deeds, both Quitclaim and Confirmatory for 2 parcels

    Moncy Parcel Map